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When you had your waterproofing solution installed, you made a very important decision to protect your property. Just as your automobile needs maintenance and monitoring, so does every waterproofing system.

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The sump pump is the heart of your waterproofing system.
Make sure it’s pumping at maximum capacity.

Let '58 Foundations keep your system working at maximum capacity.

Our comprehensive inspection includes:

  • Check untreated areas for water intrusion
  • Inspect foundation
  • Clear grate drain of debris
  • Check and clear discharge
  • Clear window wells
  • Check gutter downspouts
  • Cove area
  • Floor cracks or expansion joints
  • Thresholds
  • Floor drains
  • Check for standing water
  • Plumbing / HVAC leaks
  • Check encapsulation / vapor barrier for rips, tears, and tape adhesion
  • Clean and Sanitize
  • Primary Pump check (water test)
  • Check Valve performance
  • Inspect discharge line
  • Ensure hose clamps are tight
  • Check PVC joints
  • Ensure the lid is sealed and secured properly
  • Load test Batteries
  • Check and clean all wire connections
  • Check Charging Unit
  • Back-up Pump check (water test)
  • Check unit for level
  • Inspect and flush discharge line
  • Condensate pump if applicable
  • Check and clean filter
  • Check hang kit and inspect installation
  • Ensure Humidistat is accurately set

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Schedule Your Annual Maintenance 

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